Mono for Android: Just too expensive

There has been much talk in the office about mobile development.

I work with several devs that are building mobile apps in various different techs on different platforms.

For ages, I’ve been flying the Xamarin flag and fighting its corner. I’ve got the guys to come to Stuart Lodge’s MVVM Cross talks etc. As a development environment, I like it very much and I’m comfortable. I’m a c# WPF developer and so I like C# and Visual Studio.

But with the new pricing, I feel as though I’ve been let down.

$1000 is just way too high for the hobbiest app developer. Not to mention that that is per dev, so the guys that are in a small team of 3 or 4 – is their app going to make back $4000? Not any time soon that’s for sure.

And so they are going the Javascript, Typescript, Angular etc route under PhoneGap or whatever. And I don’t blame them.

Meanwhile, I’ve 11 months left of my annual subscription to build something in Mono for Android before the $1000 bill comes around again. And I feel I’ll have a hard time justifying it.

It’s all about TypeScript

I’ve heard several of my friends talking about a new pretender on the block called TypeScript. It’s a language that sits as a superset of ¬†JavaScript,¬†adding static typing, interfaces, classes and more.

As a C# .Net developer, I was very interested to read about what it’s like from a similar point of view. Thankfully, Dave Hanson (@LordHanson) has blogged about a little experimental app he had a go with. Check it out here:

“Cracking a problem with TypeScript”

It looks we all (.Net devs) might be heading in that direction and Microsoft realise that it’ll need to bridge the gap. Looks like a good start. I’m almost excited about coding for the browser again.