Common UI? Spotify on WP8 != Spotify on Android

Welcome Spotify!

Several friends of mine have the beautiful Nokia 920 running Windows Phone 8. It is a nice piece of hardware and it showcases WP8 very nicely.

One notable omission from the WP app store until now has been Spotify.

I’ve been a big supporter of Spotify ever since the beginning and happily pay my monthly premium subscription. Being able to store music offline on my phone is an absolute killer feature.

And so I am genuinely pleased that it has made it to the WP platform.

A Common UI

A hot topic of recent conversation amongst the boys has been HTML5 and the possibility of a common UI across multiple platforms. The conversation typically includes:

“You can write it once and it’ll run on desktops, iPads, mobiles…”

I have been developing in Mono for Android which allows for the code from the “viewmodel” (a logical representation of the view), interaction and business logic, service calls, etc to be shared.

Crucially though, the view, the UI, is not shared. And I believe this is a good strategy.

Users of Android expect their apps to be Android-like. Ditto for iDevices and Windows Phone.

Looking at screenshots of the new WP8 Spotify app, it is clear that the UI has been redesigned specifically for the Windows Phone. And rightly so.

So I applaud Spotify for making this (what I believe to be the) correct decision.

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